The Fics of R.M. Slater

Blind Faith Series

A Light in the Darkness - BEING EDITED... LOOK FOR IT SOON

Rating:  NC-17

Category:  Original Fantasy, "Blind Faith" series

Pairings:  Morgan/Laine

Warnings:  Slash, M/M, Anal, Daemon Sex, Dubious Consent

Distribution:  My website and my LiveJournal only.

Disclaimer:  Mine.  All mine.  The characters, situations, and daemon realms in my stories are works of fiction and were created by me for use by me and only me.

Updates:  This can be read as a stand alone fic, but I do have plans to expand upon it at some point in the future.

Satus:  Complete/One-Shot

Length:  4,500+ words/Short Story

Summary:  He should have feared the isolated criminal, he was a dangerous man condemned to die for his crimes, but when Laine heard a scream coming from the lone cell he couldn't help but investigate