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He walked into the dimly lit room, pausing to let his eyes adjust to the candle light.  The room was dominated by the huge wrought-iron four poster bed in the center of the room.  And there, small and pale against the massive sea of black silk, was his prize.  Although he had only entered the establishment by chance, more to escape the rain than anything else, he had soon found himself enjoying a quaint local game.  How were his fellow gamblers to know that he was gifted in games of chance, having been gifted from birth with the Devil's own luck as well as the ability to pick things up very quickly.  Before he had realized what he had done he'd cleaned out several of the locals and was on a winning streak against the owner of the establishment.  Having made short work of the days tips the owner had made him a new wager "One more hand.  If I loose I'll comp you your room for the night, and I'll include my newest acquisition to sweeten the deal!"  This had intrigued him and he quickly agreed, if only to find out what this new acquisition might be.  Of course he had won, as he'd been certain he would, and the tavern keeper had reluctantly gone upstairs to prepare his winnings for him.


Although he had expected a bottle of exotic liquor or something of the like, he was most delighted to find it was nothing of the sort.  There, in the center of the bed, was the most beautiful young boy he had ever seen.  Deliciously exposed, save for the leather collar and lead that tethered him to the bed and the matching cuffs binding his wrists, he was a truly stunning sight.  Although at first he appeared to be a delicate human boy, he soon realized that the boy was in fact a young daemon.  The silk blindfold covering his eyes was pinning his long rabbits ears flat to his head, and he was certain there would be a cute fluffy tail on the small of the boy's back just above his rear and the delicate markings common to his kind around the eyes as well.  With his alabaster skin glistening with a light sheen of sweat and the glow of the candles catching the highlights of his pale white-blond hair he was breathtaking, and very preferable to any other gift he could think of.


"I must remember to complement the inn-keeper on his exquisite taste."


At his quiet utterance the boy tensed, looking around despite his inability to see.  He had obviously not realized he was no longer alone until that very moment.


"M-master?"  The boy had a quiet, breathy voice that only added to his appeal as far as his new master was concerned.


"You may call me Vincent."


"Y-yes Master Vincent."


'Hmm ... respectful and obedient.  Perfect.  This should be fun.'  He thought to himself.  The boy was just his type.


Vincent slowly approached the bed in the center of the room, letting his boot heals sound loudly against the wooden floor.  Although the boys light trembling was rather fetching, he didn't wish for the boy to be completely terrified when he felt the first touch on his naked flesh.  It just wasn't Vincent's style.  Fear had it's place, and the bedroom was not that place in his opinion.


When he reached the heavy, black-clad bed he extended a hand and gently stroked it through the boy's silky hair.  'As soft as it looks.'   Vincent thought to himself   'Splendid.  Just splendid.'


Although the movement was meant to calm the quivering boy, it seemed to have the opposite effect and he began to visibly shake under Vincent's touch.  'Hmm ... this won't do at all.'  he thought as he removed the blindfold, hoping it would help calm the trembling rabbit.


"There, isn't that better?"


"Y-yes m-master.  Thank you."


Although they were still shyly downcast, removing the blindfold had revealed a set of beautiful lilac eyes surrounded by a dark fringe of lashes and delicate amethyst markings. 


"Perfect."  was the only word that came to mind, and for a moment all Vincent could do was stare in awe at the site laid out before him.


Despite the fact that removing the blindfold had indeed calmed the young daemon, revealing a tall handsome man with long black hair and piercing black eyes instead of the terrifying monster his imagination had conjured up, his masters prolonged inactivity had begun to worry him again.  He began to become fearful that he somehow had displeased his new master, that his master didn't find his appearance pleasing or up to his standards, and despite his best efforts he began to cry silent tears.


The small rabbit had tried to stifle his sobs by bitting his lower lip, but when a small sob escaped him Vincent suddenly noticed his distress and was prodded into action, again trying to calm his small companion.  Sitting down on the bed he pulled the daemon into his lap, wrapping his arms around his trembling body and reaching up to gently stroke one of his long satiny ears.  So startled was he by his masters sudden display of tenderness that he forgot his fear and worries for a moment and just stared up at Vincent with wide, unblinking eyes.  This sudden shift in expression caused Vincent to begin laughing, which only served to confuse the daemon further.


"I'm sorry," Vincent said, still chuckling softly "it's just that you look so ... cute.  Bewildered, but cute."


"Cute?"  He said, looking up at Vincent, his lashes fluttering prettily and his cheeks blushing a faint pink.


"Among other things."  He said, his voice deepening as his smile became far less jovial and far more predatory as he looked down at the fetching beauty in his lap.


At this change in attitudes the boy suddenly became very aware of his nudity, and the fact that he was seated in his master's lap.  He tried to move his hands to cover himself discreetly, so as not to anger his master with his sudden modesty, but the clinking of the chains connecting his cuffs together gave him away.


"Well, I don't think we'll be needing these, now will we my pretty pet?"  Vincent said, unclasping the chain from his collar and moving onto the buckles of the cuffs as he spoke.  The boy only shook his head mutely in answer.


After removing the stiff leather cuffs Vincent looked down at the lightly chaffed wrists he'd just freed and laid a gentle kiss on the inside of the one still in his hand.  "Mmm ... sweet.  Just as I suspected."  he sighed, and kissed the daemon's wrist again.  As he began to lick and suckle the delicate skin the boy in his lap began to squirm, causing him to devour the flesh with greater passion as the boy's firm bottom and bouncy cotton tail began to massage his clothed manhood.  Between the sensation of the lips nipping at his wrist and the feel of his master's rapidly hardening erection beneath him he began to whimper and keen low in his throat.


"Always this responsive?  You do know we've only just begun, right my pretty little bunny?"


Upon hearing these words the boy stopped his squirming and his keening and averted his eyes before answering his master's question.


"I wouldn't know," he confessed quietly "the Master has just acquired me and you're the first man he's given me to."


Despite the fact that his rabbit seemed ashamed by his confession Vincent couldn't have been more thrilled.  He didn't exactly enjoy sharing, and on top of that finding out that the boy was completely innocent and untouched made him all the more alluring.  His only responses were a growl low in his throat and a slightly wicked smirk before claiming the tempting lips before him.  Anything more that the young daemon may have had to say was lost in the clash of their mouths as his master began to explore him, slipping his tongue into the boy's moist cavern to better taste all of him.


As the kisses grew more heated and Vincent felt no further trembling from the boy in his lap he began to let his hands explore the lithe body of the rabbit.  He was petite and very delicate of build, perhaps a bit underfed, but all and all Vincent found his silky skin and lithe form very pleasing and he had soon transferred the daemon from his lap to the bed in order to better reach every inch of him.


Listening to the soft mewling sounds from the form beneath him Vincent let his lips leave his rabbit's and began to rain gentle kisses across the boy's face, letting his lips trail across his brow, the rise of his cheeks, and along his jaw to suckle at the delicate spot where jaw became neck.  Finding that worrying that spot caused the boy's breath to catch in his throat and his small hands to clutch at his shirt, Vincent began to attack his throat in earnest.  Finally reaching the juncture of neck and shoulder Vincent bit down, feeling a sudden urge to mark the boy as his own.  He didn't let up until he felt his rabbit arch against him, whimpering and clutching at him with more force than before.  Looking down at his handiwork Vincent was pleased to find an angry red mark marring the otherwise flawless skin, and it was with a self-satisfied smile that he bent down once again to sooth the hurt with gentle open mouthed kisses.


Looking up from his mark of possession and into the boy's dazed violet eyes Vincent was pleased to see that he no longer trembled and that most of the fear and nervousness seemed to have vanished.


"Having fun now my pet?"


Initially thinking his teasing had caused the boy to return to his earlier state of unease, Vincent was instead pleased to find that despite the violent flush covering his pale cheeks he was reaching with trembling hands to the buttons of Vincent's shirt.  With a chuckle he pulled back to assist the daemon, and soon both were in a similar state of undress.


Although initially planning to go much slower and to savor the delicacy he had been presented with, now he found he no longer had the patience to restrain himself much longer.


"Forgive me my sweet."  he said by way of apology, picking up the vial of lubricant no doubt left for them by the inn-keeper.  "Hmm, really does think of everything."


Coating the fingers of his right hand in lubricant and spreading the boy's legs, he slid his fingers between the boy's cheeks and began searching out his tender entrance.  Lacking the patience for slow and gentle preparation he inserted his first two fingers into the boy, but instantly regretted his rashness as he felt the young daemon's channel tighten around him, a low moan accompanying the movement.  Looking up, intending to apologize, he saw that the boy was tugging at one of his long ears, the other having found it's way into it's owner's mouth.  Watching the boy suckling at his own ear, eyes squeezed tightly shut, cheeks flushed a delicate pink, he reconsidered the meaning behind the sounds and began to once again quickly prepare the boy beneath him.  Reaching up to pull the ear from his rabbit's mouth he again sealed their lips together in a searing kiss, inserting a third finger as he did so.


Eventually having to part for air, Vincent was delighted to feel the boy's hips rocking into his thrusting hand.  It proved to be his undoing, and he removed his hand and repositioned himself between his soon to be lover's legs.  He added a liberal amount of lubrication to his aching shaft, after all the boy was untried and he had no wish to harm him, and then positioned himself at the boy's opening.


Holding the young daemon's hips firmly in place, he pushed forward and at last breached the boy's entrance.  As Vincent pushed forward, filling the boy's tight channel with his manhood, the boy's beautiful violet eyes widened and his small hands flew to Vincent's shoulders.  Pausing once the boy's body had fully engulfed him, Vincent ask shakily "Are you all right little one?  Is it too much for you?"  The daemon just shook his head, eventually lessening his grip on Vincent's shoulders and tilting his hips up to encourage him to continue.


As Vincent began to thrust in earnest he thought that surely this pleasure was greater than any he had felt before.  The way the boy's body held him in an almost painfully tight grip, his lithe form writhing beneath him, his silky, sweat soaked skin sliding against his, was perfect, and most of all his low keening and impassioned moans were music to his ears.


All too soon Vincent heard the boy cry out and felt him violently arching beneath him, a hot, sticky wetness hitting their stomachs as he did so.  Until then he had been holding himself back, wanting to let the boy take his pleasure before concentrating on his own needs.  After feeling the boy's release Vincent finally began to thrust in earnest, loosing himself in the heat of his lover's embrace.  It didn't take long before he lost control and shouted his release, spilling his essence into his daemon's willing body.


Not wanting to crush the delicate boy with his much larger body, Vincent used the last of his strength to roll them both, resting the boy's weight atop himself.  As their breathing began to return to normal Vincent luxuriated in the pleasant feel of passion induced exhaustion.  Letting his fingers run through the satiny hair of his petite lover, he thought to himself that he hadn't felt so good in a very long time.  The boy's comforting weight above him felt somehow right, and Vincent thought about the strange twist of fate that had led him to take shelter from the rain in a little inn where he'd won this most remarkable prize in a mere game of chance.  How strange life was sometimes.


Feeling the boy's breathing begin to even out, nearing sleep, Vincent disengaged himself from the boy's gentle embrace and went into the small wash-room to clean himself up before he too was lost in slumber.  Looking in the mirror he was surprised to see a genuine smile on his face, not the usual sarcastic twist of his lips that he was prone to.  "Yes," he said to his reflection "I really must thank the inn-keeper in the morning."


Returning with a moist cloth to clean his partner, he couldn't help but gaze down at the small daemon with wonder.  Curled on his side, the fading candle light playing gently across his silky skin and his satiny ears, shadows being cast by his long lashes, he looked like a sleeping angel.  As he gently cleaned the boy of the remains of their spent passion, Vincent was pleased to see his mark still present on the boy's neck, standing out vividly against the paleness of his skin.  Reaching up to brush a stray lock of hair from the boy's forehead, it suddenly occurred to him that on some night in the near future some other man could possibly be putting a similar mark on that same skin, his mark no longer visible.  Some other man could be marking his rabbit!  And the thought bothered him much more than he thought it would.  Or could.  After all, it had only been one night of passion with a boy he didn't even know.  It shouldn't matter to him what happened to the little daemon in the morning.  He had served his purpose.  It had been highly pleasurable, and now it was over.  That was all.


Just then beautiful lilac eyes lined in violet opened and the boy smiled serenely up at him.


"It's late Master Vincent, don't you wish to rest now?  Or is there something else you wish of me?"  Although he was obviously exhausted, and most likely more than a little sore, he was still trying to eagerly please his master.  Vincent found this to be quite charming, and he kissed his bunny's nose affectionately as he climbed into bed next to him.


Wrapping his arms around the boy, he was delighted to feel the little daemon draw closer and nuzzle against him.  He was, however, more than a little surprised to hear him ask in a small voice "Was I all right?  I tried to please Master, but ..."


Vincent could only laugh at this.  Tried to please him?  If the boy only knew just how well he had succeeded!


"Yes my little ..." and then it occurred to him that he had never gotten the little blond rabbit's name.  "Hmm.  Just what is your name my sweet?  I should very much like to know it."


"Chance."  the boy supplied quietly.  "My name is Chance."


"Is it now?"  Vincent said slowly.  Then, pulling the boy in closer against him he kissed him one last time and told him to go to sleep.  "Really, morning will be here soon enough."


And when it did come Vincent would be having a talk with the inn-keeper.  After all, he had taken a chance when he entered the place, and now he felt like taking a chance when leaving as well.






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