The Fics of R.M. Slater

"Confessions of a Chocolate Covered Bunny"


They had been together for several months now, and Vincent still found the little daemon as intoxicating as he had on the first night that they had met.  He had never once regretted his decision to take the pretty blond rabbit with him when he had left the inn.  Never.  The problem was, he was beginning to suspect that his lover didn't feel the same way.  In all of the many months that they had spent with each other the young lapian had yet to initiate much more than a kiss or two, never once taking any initiative during their sexual liaisons, and even when they were already engaged in romantic activities Chance seemed loath to voice his needs and desires.  Vincent knew that lapian daemons were known for their submissive natures, and if he were to be completely honest with himself he would have to admit that he enjoyed the sweetly timid ways of his lover the majority of the time, but it was beginning to become a bit much.  His personality was forceful by nature, he took control easily and willingly, but he would never want to force anyone into such acts.  Especially not his Chance.


These thoughts caused Vincent to pause as he crossed the threshold between his bedroom and the adjoining bath.  He wore nothing, having just left the warmth of the bath, and he held an equally bare Chance effortlessly in his arms.  The tiny daemon was wrapped in an oversized burgundy towel, still damp from the fragrant water and the steam that surrounded them, his skin slick with the oils that had filled the tub.  His long white-blond ears were plastered to the sides of his face, his skin was flushed pink from the heat they had surrounded themselves with, and his lilac eyes were half opened and slightly unfocused.  He seemed contented as he absently twirled a lock of Vincent's dark hair around his fingers, but Vincent suddenly had to wonder if that expression was the result of his presence, the strength of his arms as he embraced the smaller male, the promise of what was to come, or whether his lazy ease was simply the result of a warm bath after a long day.  He had intended to ravish the young violet eyed daemon after their bath, the temptation, as always, too much to resist, but now he wasn't entirely certain whether that was the right course of action.  There were too many unanswered questions swirling around in his suddenly conflicted mind.




"Yes, Master Vincent?"  Even the ease with which Chance referred to him as his owner now seemed suspect to Vincent, his paranoia and uncertainty turning even that small gesture into something to be suspicious of.  Did he call him master out of respect, or because he feared what would happen if he spoke to him in a less formal manner?  Did he say it with fondness or out of resentment?  Did he think of him as his keeper or his jailer?  His lover or his tormentor?


"Are you tired?"  He knew Chance well enough, knew the signs to look for that signaled that the little bunny was indeed in need of rest, to already know the answer before he even asked.  However, he wondered if he would get a truthful answer or the answer that his lover thought that he wanted to hear.


"I'm fine."  Chance replied without pause, even though he had to stifle a yawn as he said it.  "You don't need to worry about me, Master."


"Really?"  The ease with which Chance had lied made Vincent uneasy, and in his mind it confirmed many of his suspicions, but the way that Chance's body grew tense in his arms wounded him even deeper than his words ever could have.  To him it was a sure sign that the boy feared him, feared incurring his wrath should he displease him by giving the wrong answer to even the simplest of questions, and it hurt far more than he had thought that it would.  It took effort to force his voice to remain neutral as he continued to speak, and inside him his heart was raging as an unreasonable anger built within him, the darkness growing in intensity with each passing moment.  "Then what would you like to do, little one, since you're not tired?"


"Whatever you wish is fine with me."  Chance answered immediately, his hand reaching up shyly to once again play with a damp strand of Vincent's long hair.  His eyes never met his master's as he spoke, and as a result he was completely unaware of the firm line of the mage's lips, the drawn line of his brow, or the unhappiness that clouded his normally clear black eyes.  "Anything that would please you would bring me pleasure, as always."


"Really?"  Vincent repeated his earlier question, anger now spreading from his heart to take over his mind as he attempt to cover the unfamiliar ache that was slowly filling his soul.  He silently berated himself for having grown so attached to the beautiful daemon when it was becoming painfully obvious to him that the other male only served him because he felt he had no choice in the matter.  "And if I wish to do something that you don't enjoy?  Then what?"


"Master?"  Chance's lavender eyes were filled with confusion as he looked up at Vincent, still nestled as he was in the lager man's arms.  He had no idea why his master suddenly sounded so angry when he had seemed perfectly contented just moments ago.  He couldn't fathom what he could possibly have done wrong, caught completely unaware as he was by Vincent's strange behavior, and he searched in vain for the cause of this sudden change in moods.


"Well, Chance, what would you do?"  Vincent asked again, his anger directed as much at himself as the rabbit in his arms.  "Would you say no?  Would you tell me to stop?"




"Would you even bother to tell me if I were hurting you?"  Vincent suddenly accused, venom coloring his voice and making his tone all the harsher.  "Or would you just keep your mouth shut and take it?  Stay silent and endure it?  Maybe you just think of it as part of your duties?"


"My what?"  Chance sputtered, becoming somewhat frightened by Vincent's outburst.  Vincent had never spoken to him with anything other than kindness, he wasn't even certain that he had ever heard the mage raise his voice in his presence before, and his harsh words came as a completely unexpected surprise.  Why was his master suddenly saying such odd things, looking at him with such unhappiness, pain and anger filling his dark eyes?  And more importantly, how was he supposed to respond to his accusations?  "What are you talking about?"


"You never say yes."  Vincent said after a long pause, and although he practically shook with anger he was none the less gentle as he placed Chance on his feet, taking a moment to pull the huge towel more securely around his still damp and shivering body.  "You never tell me what you want, and you certainly never tell me that you want me.  It's all right, I can't make you desire me, but it would be nice if you could at least be honest about your feelings every once in a while."


Chance was completely taken off guard.  His master was angry because he didn't think that he wanted to be with him?  The other man always seemed so confident, so in control, and it had never even occurred to Chance that his master could feel so insecure.  It was so unexpected that he was momentarily at a loss for words.


Into the silence Vincent finally spoke, and when he did there was a decidedly dejected quality to his voice.  "I think that it would be best if you slept in your own rooms tonight."


Chance opened his mouth to protest, but Vincent cut him off before he could utter a single word.  "Good night, Chance."  He looked like he wanted to say more, as if he were about to move towards the smaller daemon, but at the last moment the raven haired mage turned on his heal and walked the other way.  He didn't know where he was going, barely thinking enough to grab his robe before he left the room, but he knew that he needed to leave before he said anything else.  It was obvious what the boy's feelings were, or else he would have been able to say something in his defense, would have had some sort of answer to Vincent's many accusations.  The fact that he had remained essentially silent spoke volumes to the mage.  Vincent felt that he had already made a fool of himself, and he knew that he needed to get his anger under control before he could hope to think clearly again.  Besides, even though it was his own bedroom that he had just vacated, Vincent suspected that if he had stayed any longer in the company of the petite lapian then he wouldn't have been able to allow the other daemon to leave.  He couldn't allow that to happen.  He had made enough mistakes for one night, Vincent told himself, and he didn't need to add rape to the list of offenses he now accused himself of.




Later that night Vincent lay in his bed, completely awake despite the late hour, and thought about what had happened earlier that evening.  Although he had given the rabbit rooms of his own as soon as he had brought the boy into his home, there had not been a single night in all of the time that they had been together that Chance had actually slept in those rooms.  Now, as he lay alone for the first time in months, Vincent began to wonder if that had been because Chance didn't want to sleep in those rooms, coming to him each night by choice, or whether there were other reasons behind his actions.  At the time that he had first claimed Chance as his own it had seemed to Vincent that he was more than willing to leave the inn with him, to escape the brothel before he was forced to take another customer, but now it occurred to Vincent that he had never even asked the petite lapian about the circumstances that had lead to him being in such a situation in the first place.  He had known that Chance didn't belong there, had known it from the first moment that their eyes had met, but now Vincent realized that that was perhaps all that he knew.  Discovering how little he actually knew about his lover's life before they had met was a tad unsettling, but Vincent told himself that there was nothing that he could do about it while he lay alone in his bed, and he vowed to begin asking more questions beginning first thing in the morning.  Despite how unusual the normally solitary mage found his feelings for Chance, he knew that his attachment towards the other man grew stronger with each passing day, and he knew that he needed to find out more about him if their budding relationship was to have any hope for a bright future.


Deciding that he had put enough thought into things for one night Vincent rolled onto his side, pulled his pillow more firmly under his neck, and closed his eyes.  He lay there for several moments, waiting for sleep to claim him, before he heaved a sigh and rolled onto his other side.  His hand unconsciously reached out for the warmth that normally occupied the other side of the massive bed, but when he found only the coolness of the sheets he shoved his hand under his pillow instead.  However, he soon grew impatient when sleep failed to come, and it was with an irritated growl that he flopped onto his back to stare up at the darkened ceiling above him.  Along with his frustration at his lack of rest Vincent also felt an unreasonable anger towards himself and the sudden dependency that he seemed to have developed towards his young lover.  He had lead a solitary existence for much of his life, and had been perfectly happy that way, yet now he couldn't sleep alone for even one night?  When he heard a sound at his door he was immensely grateful for the distraction, and to have found an outlet for his growing anger, and he sat up abruptly to glare at the person who was attempting to enter his rooms.


"I don't need anything."  He growled, assuming it was one of the servants come to check up on their master before retiring for the night.  "Why don't you go check on Chance or something?"


"Why would I need anyone to check in on me?"  A quiet voice answered, pale lavender eyes finally coming into view from around the edge of the door frame.  "I'm just fine."




"I know that you told me to sleep in my own rooms..."  Chance began uncertainly, his eyes downcast as he peeked around the corner, his gaze darting momentarily towards the man in the bed before returning to the polished wood of the floor.  "But you also told me to be honest about what I want."  The young rabbit took a deep breath, seemingly readying himself to do something difficult, before he finally looked up at Vincent while taking his first steps into the room.  "I want to be here with you, Master."


Vincent had been prepared to say something in response to Chance's words, perhaps to tell him to leave or to ask one of the many questions that had been swirling around in his troubled mind all evening, but once the lapian came fully into view his breath caught in his chest and he was rendered momentarily speechless.  Chance stood in the doorway, his cheeks flushed a fetching shade of pink, his violet eyes wide and filled with nervous energy, while the single enchanted flame that Vincent had summoned caused shadows to dance across his pale skin.  There was a dark purple ribbon tied neatly around the slender column of Chance's neck, the frilly bow tied in back making him seem to Vincent like a holiday present waiting to be unwrapped.  The entire length of his lean legs were encased in lacy white stockings, ending at the tops of his thighs with satin ribbons that matched the one around his neck, tiny bows holding them in place and adding to the image of a gift freely offered.  Everything in between the bows was left entirely bare, something that Vincent was very grateful for as his eyes roamed the familiar, yet continually enticing, body of his beautiful lover.




"I was hoping that you'd approve."  Chance answered as he began to make his way towards the bed, his eyes never leaving Vincent's dark gaze.  He was shaking ever so slightly, and the embarrassed flush never left his cheeks, but his stride was confident and he soon found himself at his master's side.  "I wanted to make up for earlier."


"Make up for earlier?"  Vincent asked, the spell broken as he remembered the events that had lead to his frustratingly futile attempt at sleeping alone.  "What do you have to apologize for?"  When Chance didn't answer, instead busying himself with climbing up into the high bed and crawling towards the suddenly confused mage, Vincent felt another pang of disappointment resound in his heart.  Chance's actions, as well as his words, now made sense to him, and he pushed gently at his small companion as he fought for control of his voice and his emotions.  "I'm not mad at you, I've no right to be, so you needn't do anything to pacify me.  You can go back to your rooms without fear of..."


"I'm not afraid of you."  Chance interrupted, his voice confident as he ignored Vincent's attempts to place distance between them and pressed his body against the warmth of the other man.  "I never have been, not really, and I'm sorry if you ever thought that I was."


"Listen, my pet,"  Vincent said, unconsciously running his hands along the smooth length of Chance's sides.  It always amazed him how soft the petite daemon was, his skin every bit as silky as the fur of his long ears or the cottony fluff of his tail.  Even though he had told himself that he needed to distance himself from the boy, if only long enough to find the truth behind their connection, he couldn't resist when Chance was so very close and seemingly willing.  He would have cursed himself for being so weak, if only he hadn't had other, more pressing, matters to attend to.  "I meant what I said earlier.  You don't have to be here, don't have to do this, just to retain my favor.  I would continue to take care of you even if you cease to be my lover."


"No."  Chance answered, his hand trembling as he ran his fingers across Vincent's broad chest in what he hoped was an enticing manner.  He was so unused to taking any sort of initiative, uncertain even of what to do, but he knew that on this night it was his usually confident master that needed to be reassured.  He wanted Vincent to understand exactly why he stayed at his side, to understand his motivations clearly, even if it was hard for him to find the words or to show him through his actions.  "I want to be here, Master Vincent.  I wanted to tell you that earlier, tell you that you've never hurt me or made me fear you, but your words came so suddenly and I didn't have much of a chance to tell you how I felt before you dismissed me."  His voice shook as much as his hand, but Chance forced himself to press on before he lost all confidence.  "I feel safe and happy when I'm with you, I feel wanted, and I know in my heart that I want to be at your side always."


"Always?"  Vincent asked, moved by his bunny's words even if he doubted them somewhat.  However, the sureness in the other's voice, the unusually confident actions of the normally timid boy to come to his rooms as he had, lent strength to what he said and Vincent began to allow himself to hope that perhaps Chance spoke the truth.  "Are you saying that just to please me, or because it's the truth?"




Vincent couldn't help but smile at Chance's words, the gesture showing both his amusement and his great relief, as he at last pulled the smaller male close.  "Come here, my adorable little fluffling."


Chance eagerly parted his lips the moment that their mouths met, gladly relinquishing control to his master.  Vincent could feel the blond submitting, turning power over to him as his body relaxed into their embrace, and it caused a predatory growl to emanate from deep within the mage's chest.  Chance was his once again, and even though their separation had only spanned a few short hours, Vincent fully intended to devour the rabbit as though they had been apart for an eternity.  And there would be no doubts as to whether his lover was a willing participant in their lovemaking.  Not this time.


Vincent wasted no time in pinning Chance's lithe body against the bed, rolling atop him and covering the already panting bunny with his bulk.  Just seeing the other daemon in his enticing little outfit, knowing that Chance had chosen to wear it for him of his own free will and not because Vincent had asked it of him, had left him hard and needing almost the moment that the rabbit had entered the room.  As he placed his body over Chance's, pressing their rapidly heating flesh together in a way that made both men groan aloud, Vincent was pleased to see that Chance was already in a similar state of arousal.  This knowledge brought a slow smile to the dark haired mage's lips, and he nipped playfully at Chance's neck through his ribbon as he pressed his lower body more tightly to Chance's, grinding their erections together in a way designed to drive his lover mad with pleasure.  The strangled moan that he got in response told Vincent that his actions had had their desired effects, and he gave a throaty chuckle as he bit lightly at Chance's collarbone.  A few more carefully timed thrusts had Chance clawing at his back, his blunt nails bitting into Vincent's flesh to cause just the right mixture of pleasure and pain, the lapian's legs spreading invitingly as he struggled to gain more friction and contact.


"Well, someone's certainly eager, isn't he?"  Vincent replied, his voice strained as he fought for some semblance of control.  It was always a struggle to control himself around Chance, to remain calm when all he really wanted to do was throw the boy down and ravish him until neither of them could even remember their own names, and tonight was no exception.  If anything, it was more difficult to stay calm with all that had happened in the past several hours.  Especially with the way that Chance was whimpering and attempting to thrust his hips up in an effort to make Vincent move, the larger man having ceased all movement when he had started teasing the little bunny beneath him.


"I want you."  Chance said, his voice breathy, his tone a whine that spoke of how needy he really was at the moment.  Despite the fact that his cheeks burned as much with embarrassment as excitement, the honesty that shone in his clear violet eyes was enough to convince Vincent of his sincerity, and he found it impossible not to lean in and capture Chance's lips in a bruising kiss that he hoped would convey the depth of his feelings towards the other male.


Without another word Vincent reached down and placed a hand underneath Chance's right leg, lifting the stocking clad appendage up and pressing it to Chance's chest, baring the daemon's body to Vincent's hungry black eyes.  Chance threw his blond head back as his master forced his legs further apart, one small hand reaching up to tangle itself in his now untidy mess of pale locks, his other hand reaching down to hold his own leg in place as Vincent moved above him.  Although his eyes were tightly shut, his mind concentrating on breathing as he waited for his lover to take him, he could feel Vincent's hands on him as the other man touched ever last inch of available flesh.  Chance loved Vincent's strong hands, the way that they made him feel both safe and vulnerable at the same time, and he instantly relaxed into the simple touches.


"What's this?"  Vincent asked, his voice both surprised and amused, his hands stilling just as he was about to begin preparing his delicate companion.  There was an unusual moistness around the rosy pink opening of Chance's entrance, the skin on and around his pucker slick and glistening, and Vincent paused only for a moment before sliding two fingers into him at once, confirming his suspicions immediately.  "You came prepared, my pet?"


"I wanted to be ready for you."  Chance answered simply, his body arching slightly as he was at last breached.  His hand moved from his hair to tug at one of his long, silky ears, taking a moment to get used to the delicious sensations that Vincent was causing with the movements of his fingers before he opened his eyes and looked up at his master.  "I wanted to show you, and not just tell you, how I felt."


Vincent smiled at this confession, now more certain than ever that Chance was telling the truth, and he leaned in to once again capture Chance's lips in a breath stealing kiss before adding a third finger into his lover's opening.  Chance moaned into the kiss, his body gently rocking with each thrust of Vincent's hand, his arms locking around the mage's neck and pulling him closer as the kiss deepened further.


"So very thoughtful of you to come prepared."  Vincent said as he at last pulled away from Chance, his breath coming faster as he positioned his manhood at Chance's entrance.  His words were entirely truthful, as he didn't want to waste any more time than necessary preparing his lover for penetration, his patience worn exceedingly thin from the stresses of the day.  Somewhere in the back of his mind he told himself that he really ought to find a spell for easy preparation and lubrication, perhaps even a potion that would render Chance perpetually slick and ready, but that part of his mind was slowly shutting down as he entered the tightness that was Chance.  It always amazed him how warm, tight, and inviting Chance's body was, and he reveled in the feelings that the rabbit's embrace provided him as he sunk in to the hilt with a satisfied groan.


Chance moaned as Vincent filled him, throwing his head back and raking his nails down the smooth skin of Vincent's back.  A strangled hiss told him that he had most likely drawn blood, and that there would probably be marks long after their passion had cooled for the night, but Chance couldn't bring himself to care very much as Vincent pulled out of him and thrust back in with a sharp snap of his hips.  Vincent set up a pounding rhythm, more than confident that Chance could handle it despite his delicate appearance, and soon the moans and cries of the two lovers filled the room as they both called out to each other with impassioned voices.


It wasn't long before Chance could take no more, the combination of his master's actions and his earlier self-preparation bringing him quickly to the pinnacle of pleasure, and with a final upward thrust of his hips he came, crying out Vincent's name and splattering their bellies with the evidence of his passion.


Watching Chance climax beneath him, his kiss swollen lips forming Vincent's name in a wordless cry, his lovely lilac eyes rolling back into their sockets as he rode out his orgasm, was enough to send Vincent over the edge as well.  Chance's body was as tense as a bow string, and the lapian clawed at Vincent's back as his inner walls clamped tight around his master's sex, milking Vincent of his essence even as his own body rode out his pleasure to it's completion.


At last their bodies stilled, their breathing labored as they both fought for control of their suddenly heavy limbs, and Vincent found that it was all that he could do just to force his body to the side to avoid crushing his much smaller lover.  Anything more than that seemed impossible as he lay panting beside his exhausted bunny.  Rolling his eyes to the side, he was pleased to see that Chance seemed to be in an equally worn state, the petite boy laying in a boneless heap beside him, fighting to catch his breath and get his heartbeat back under control.  It was a sight that was as equally adorable as it was sexy, and Vincent thought to himself, not for the first time since they had met, that the Goddess must have been watching over him on the night that he had taken shelter in that sad little inn in the eastern forests.


With great effort Vincent rolled onto his side, reaching a hand out to untie the knot on the violet ribbon that was still around Chance's neck, pulling it off and tossing it over the side of the bed.  The leggings, he decided, could stay for the time being.  He thought it would be a most pleasant sight to wake up to in the morning, and he didn't think that Chance would mind overly much.  With a smile on his face, and plans for the morning already forming in his mind, Vincent pulled Chance to him and wrapped his arms around the tiny body of his beloved bunny.  Chance instinctively nestled his body against the warmth of his master's form, his eyes already drifting shut as exhaustion overtook him at last.


As Vincent felt Chance settling down, his breathing evening out as sleep began to claim him, it occurred to him that he still had questions to ask, answers that he needed to hear, and a great many things that needed to be discussed between himself and Chance.  Despite what his lover had said to him, and what his actions had proven, there were still things that he wanted to say.  However, as he felt Chance sigh in contentment and press his body more firmly into his embrace, Vincent knew that his most important question had already been answered.  That seemed like more than enough for one night.


"You know,"  Vincent whispered, placing a kiss upon Chance's cheek before waving his hand towards the enchanted flame by the beside and plunging the room into total darkness, "you really should consider asserting yourself more often, my sweet."


"Mmmm,"  Chance mumble sleepily, a small smile on his lips, nuzzling his nose affectionately against Vincent's chest as the other man at last settled down beside him,  "I'll be sure to do that, Master."





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