The Fics of R.M. Slater

The Eye of the Beholder Series

Perceived Perceptions
Rating (overall) :  NC-17
Category:  Original Fantasy, Demons, "Eye of the Beholder" series
Pairing:  Blaise/Conni, Danne/Conni
Warnings:  Slash, M/M, Anal, Oral, Non-con, Abuse, Violence, Language
Distribution:  My site, my LiveJournal, and any sites that I have given permission to publish my work.  For now, I plan to keep my works to myself, so if you would like to host my work on your site please check with me first.
Disclaimer:  Mine.  Mine.  Mine!  The daemon realms and characters that I write about are the sole creation of my imagination, so please don't steal/borrow/or take anything without permission.
Updates:  None are planed at this time.  I wrote this a long time ago, and at one time I had planned on possibly trying to get it published, but now that I've edited, re-edited, and edited again (*LOL*) I've decided that it's just not good enough.  So, I'm moving on.  And sharing the final product with my readers here instead.  There is, however, a sequel that's about half done, and if all goes as planned there will be two more books in the series.  This one can stand alone quite well though.
Satus:  Complete
Length:  120,000+ words/Novel
Summary:  Princess Constance has never had a happy life, but now it's about to get so much worse.  Her father has decided that, since he needs help keeping a horde of assassins at bay, that his daughter needs to marry a mercenary.  Rather she likes it or not.  The problem is Constance is actually Constantine, and the only man that might stand a chance of capturing his heart not only disaproves of same sex relationships, but he's rumored to have the nasty habit of killing those who do.  Will the princess find happiness, despite the fact that all of the
odds seemed to be stacked agsinst him, or is his heart going to lead him to his death?