The Fics of R.M. Slater

"Riding Lessons"


"I think it's about time to stop.  We'll make camp here."


They had been riding all day, stopping only for a quick lunch and to occasionally water the horses.  Vincent knew that, with the rapidly setting sun behind them, there was no point in attempting to travel any further into the forest.  He was weary from the long ride, and he knew it had been even harder on his companion.  Not that Chance had said anything, not once had he voiced even the smallest of complaints, but all the same Vincent knew that the boy had no riding experience and that the long hours on the road could not have been easy on him.


Coming to a stop near the stream they had been following for the past several hours, Vincent easily dismounted his chestnut steed and tied it's lead to a nearby tree.  Seeing that it could easily reach their water source he then took hold of the lead to Chance's smaller black mount, leading it to stand beside his.


Looking up at the small daemon still seated astride his horse Vincent was reminded of the other reasons he wished to end their journey for the time being.  It had only been two and a half days since he had bought Chance from the inn-keeper who had first presented the young rabbit to him, two and a half days in which he had restrained himself in order to shorten their time on the road.  However, looking up at the beautiful boy as the setting sun painted his white-blond hair and ears a sparkling golden and glittered off of his alabaster skin, Vincent knew that he had reached his limits.  The innocent way in which he blinked down at his master with huge violet eyes, smiling sweetly all the while, also did nothing for Vincent's self-control.


"Here," he said as he reached up to encircle Chance's tiny waist with his large, strong hands, lifting the boy easily out of his saddle, "Time to get down, Little One."


"Thank you, Master Vincent."  His sweet voice said as he was lifted off of his horse and into his master's arms.  He was unaccustomed to riding and Vincent knew mounting and dismounting were particularly difficult for him.


"No need to thank me, my pet.  I must take very good care of you after all, lest I break you."  He held the boy closely as he removed him from his horse, making certain every possible inch of their bodies touched as the daemon slid down towards the ground.  "Has the ride been too hard for you?"


"I assure you, I'm fine Master."  He said breathlessly, the gentle caresses his master was now bestowing upon his tired body soothing him even as they excited him.  As they had ridden Chance had continuously stolen glances at his handsome, raven haired master at every opportunity.  He could still remember the heat of their first night together and he was confused as to why there had been no further encounters since they had begun their journey. 


Feeling emboldened by his master's continuing touches, Chance dared to take the initiative as he leaned up to place a kiss upon his master's lips.  Delighted by the tentative brush of velvety soft lips against his own, Vincent slid a hand from around the tiny waist and up into his bunny's silky hair, using it to hold him still as he deepened the kiss.  Even after their long hours on the road Chance still tasted as sweet as ever, and Vincent greedily devoured his violet eyed daemon, using his tongue to taste every inch of the boy he could reach.


Vincent, fully intending to finally satisfy his desires after too many days of abstaining, lowered them both onto the ground even as he continued to devour his willing captive.  He had already removed Chance's shirt and was working on the fastenings of his trousers when he heard, not the needful moans he was hoping for, but instead the unpleasant growling of a hungry stomach.


Reluctantly stopping what he was doing, Vincent stood up and held out his hand to Chance, "Well my pet, looks like I'll have to satisfy one hunger before I can deal with the other."

"No Master Vincent, it's all right!  I'm fine, really."  As if to demonstrate Chance knelt back on the ground and reached out to Vincent as if to pull him down with him.  "I didn't mean to upset you."  And then in a smaller, sadder voice he added "Please don't be angry with me."


"You really are too adorable aren't you my little bunny?"  He said, laughing as he gently tugged his hand free of it's captor and started towards their supplies. 




"You know," he said later as he effortlessly lit a fire without either kindling or fuel "we've been traveling for nearly three days and you haven't once ask me what I do or where we're going.  Aren't you even a little bit curious?"


"It's not my place to question you Master."  Chance answered softly, his eyes respectfully downcast so that he didn't catch the grin spreading across Vincent's handsome face.


"I could be a truly wicked man who is leading you to the dark alter of my Lord to make of you a living sacrifice," although still looking at the ground, Chance's eyes widened at this statement, "Or I could be a flesh peddler taking you, even now, closer and closer to my brothel, where of course you'd be the star attraction,"  Chance didn't see that Vincent's grin was now so wide that it revealed dimples carved deeply into his cheeks, his body shaking silently with suppressed laughter, "Or I could be a practitioner of the dark rituals, and may be preparing this very fire to cook your delicious flesh so that I may devour it for my dinner."  Chance hadn't thought that his master was an evil man, but now he feared he may have been wrong.  Would he truly devour his flesh?  He suddenly wasn't entirely sure. 


Although Vincent was rather enjoying his little game, he knew he had gone a bit too far when he saw that Chance's usually lovely lilac eyes had turned a deeper shade of purple that neared black, his eyes extremely wide, his entire body beginning to lightly tremble.  "However, it is most lucky for you that none of those things are true, and that although I do intend to ravish you well and often, I have no intentions of either sharing or sacrificing you."


"Oh."  was all the little rabbit had to say to this, and he hardly noticed his own actions as he lowered himself to the ground with an audible thump.


Vincent burst out laughing, Chance's reaction being so very predictable.  He had found out over the past few days that the boy really was rather gullible.  It was one of the things he found most adorable about his new companion.


"Do forgive me My Sweet," he said by way of apology as he bent and kissed the top of Chance's head.  "I was only playing with you a bit.  I am actually a mage, as well as a sometimes mercenary, and an all around jack-of-all-trades.  We're returning to my home, which is perhaps another day's ride from here."  Then, noticing that the daemon's violet makings stood out even more vividly than usual against the pale skin of his delicate face, his color not having returned as it should have after his little scare, he added "Think you can make it?"


Chance's head immediately shot up, his eyes meeting his master's as he assured him "Of course I can make it!  I won't be a hindrance to your progress, I promise!"  His assurances were so adamant that Vincent couldn't help but laugh again as he walked away to prepare their meal.




After a simple dinner the two sat together staring at the fire, enjoying the breeze that blew through the forest that gently cooled the warm summer night.  As they listened to the sounds of the forest, the various chirps and coos and howls, as well as other darker, less identifiable sounds, Vincent took the time to study his daemon lover.  Despite his earlier assurances to the contrary, Chance did not seem to be taking the journey well.  Aside from the pallor of his normally porcelain skin, he also seemed to be in a fare amount of pain.  Vincent saw that he couldn't sit still for more than a few moments at a time, continually shifting positions and trying to rearrange his body into a more comfortable position as he sat on his bedroll near the fire.




"Master?"  Chance was surprised by his master's sudden utterance, unsure if he had even heard him correctly.


"Undress.  Then kneel on your bedroll.  On all fours should do."


A bit unnerved by his master's abrupt demands, Chance hurried to obey him despite the protests of his tired body.  Having never been on a long journey before, and also having never been on a horse until the day they had left the inn to start their travels, every fiber of his being now ached as he tried to quickly remove his shirt and trousers and to get into the position his master had requested.  All the while he worried that he had somehow disappointed his master, perhaps because he was seeing that he was weak and unable to take the strain of riding.


So lost in his thoughts was he that Chance failed to notice that Vincent had come around behind him, pausing for a moment to admire the view of the nude daemon kneeling before him, his satiny skin being bathed in the fire light.  Nor did he notice that Vincent held something in his hands, not until he suddenly felt something cold dropping onto the delicate, fire warmed skin of his ass.


Vincent chuckled when he heard the boy below him give a startled squeak as the wetness of the healing salve touched his sensitive skin.  "It's just a lotion made of medicinal herbs.  It should help with the soreness from riding."


"Oh.  Thank you Master Vincent, that's very kind of you."  Despite his earlier worries and the awkwardness he felt in his vulnerable and exposed position, he now felt infinitely better due to his master's thoughtfulness.  He had not known much kindness in his life up until now, and the way that Vincent was treating him made Chance feel instantly happy and made him nearly forget the aches and pains that had been plaguing him earlier in the day.


Suddenly Chance felt a warm breath against his ear, and he heard Vincent telling him in a deep, purring voice "Just let me massage it in for you." and he felt Vincent's hands begin to trace soothing circles on the skin of his thighs and lower back, all the while moving over and around his fluffy tail. "Wouldn't you like that my pet?"


Chance could only nod by way of assent.  The feel of his master's large, strong, slightly calloused hands gently massaging his abused flesh was driving him to distraction, and any verbal communications seemed to be currently beyond his abilities.  Vincent didn't seem to mind though.


Vincent took his time exploring the sensitive skin under his hands, massaging the lotion into the skin of Chance's lower back, the inside and backs of his thighs, and paying special attention to the tender flesh of his naked backside.  He delighted in the site of Chance's furry bunny tail as it wiggled back and forth as he allowed his body to relax and began to enjoy his master's ministrations. 


The skin he massaged was smooth as silk, and for a time Vincent was content just to touch it.  Although he had had a definite plan in mind when he had begun, he also did truly wish to ease the pain of his small lover.  If the boy couldn't relax and forget his pain then neither of them would be having much fun as they continued on their journey.


After a time Vincent felt the blond beneath him begin to truly relax, most of his body's tension leaving him.  Feeling that this new change would work in his favor, Vincent began to concentrate his ministrations on Chance's rear, rubbing circles into each cheek, slowly working inwards towards his ultimate destination.


Leaning over Chance's shoulder and breathing hotly into his ear, all the while continuing his now erotic massage, he whispered to him "You know, riding all day really doesn't have to be so hard on you.  All you really need is to establish a rhythm."


"Rhythm?"  Chance ask breathlessly.  The change in the attitude of the massaging hands hadn't escaped his notice, and his body was already responding to these new, more intimate touches.


"Yes my pretty little daemon.  Rhythm."  The temptation of the beautiful flesh right in front of him momentarily became too much to resist, and Vincent began to punctuate his words with little licks and nips to Chance's delicate neck.  He began trailing kisses up to his jaw line and suckling at the sensitive skin that he found there until he was satisfied enough to continue with what he had been doing.  "Rhythm.  It's something I could help you with.  Would you like that?"


Taking the young daemon's throaty moan as a yes he leaned back and continued with his massage, this time allowing his fingers to slip between the firm globes of Chance's rear.  As his thumbs circled the tiny, rose colored pucker that he found there he suddenly slid them both into him at once.


Encouraged by the continued moans from the petite blond, Vincent used his hands to guide his lover into a steady rhythm, slowly rocking him back and fourth.  With each movement backwards, Chance allowed the invading digits to be pushed further into his body, whimpering and moaning all the while.  Vincent groaned appreciatively, slowly giving over control to his young companion until, finally, it was Chance's own momentum that impaled him.


"Yes, that's very good."  Vincent cooed, slowly drawing away from the petite boy in order to free his own aching erection.  "What a wonderful sense of rhythm you have, my sweet little bunny.  You learn quickly.  Now,"  he ask as he lay his now naked body over that of the blond's, pressing his manhood against the cleft of his ass as he did, "shall we increase the rhythm?"


In response Chance rocked his body back against Vincent's, moaning as he felt his hardness pressed against him.  Needing no further encouragement Vincent lined up his cock with the inviting pucker of Chance's opening and slid gratefully inside.  After days of only innocent and accidental touches, the welcoming heat of Chance's body was heaven and Vincent reveled in the tight embrace he received from the daemon's body.


The night air was soon filled with groans and gasps as the two quickly found a rhythm together, Vincent holding tightly to Chance's hips as he slid forcefully in and out of the heat of his petite lover, and Chance eagerly rocking back into the invasion.  Vincent watched as Chance's long, silky ears scraped against the ground with each forceful thrust of their bodies.  Reaching forward he grabbed onto one of them and used it to turn the little daemon towards him to capture his enticing lips.  As his tongue delved further into the boy's mouth, seeking to taste every last inch of him, he increased the strength of his already manic thrusting. 


Feeling that neither would last long at the frantic pace they had set, Vincent used his free hand to reach between the firm thighs of his lover and grasp his weeping cock.  Stroking him at the same desperate pace their bodies were now setting, it wasn't long before Vincent felt the beautiful daemon beneath him reach his peek with a high pitched keening wale, spilling his hot seed over his hand and down his own belly.  At the same time Vincent could feel the already amazing tightness around his manhood increase, causing him to finally loose control, spilling his seed in turn with a final thrust into his partner.


Still breathing heavily, they fell the remainder of the way to the ground, Vincent turning to his side and pulling Chance close, still not removing himself from within his lover's body.  They lay there for a long while, catching their breaths.  Eventually they both began to drift off to sleep, still tightly wrapped in each other's embrace. 


Before being completely lost to sleep Chance turned his head to look back at Vincent and ask, with a completely innocent expression, "So Master, how was my rhythm?"


 Laughing, Vincent kissed him deeply before pulling a blanket over them.  "Your rhythm is fine my sweet.  Although," he added with a wink, "you may need a few more lessons.  After all, practice makes perfect."


The End



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