The Fics of R.M. Slater

Above and Below Series

To Dance with the Devil - BEING EDITED... WATCH FOR IT SOON!

Rating:  NC-17

Category:  Original Fantasy, Angels and Demons, "Above and Below" series

Pairing:  Venkata/Cameron

Warnings:  Slash, M/M, Anal, Angel/Devil Sex, Mentions of Past Child Abuse

Distribution:  My site, my LiveJournal, and any sites that I have given permission to publish my work.  For now, I plan to keep my works to myself, so if you would like to host my work on your site please check with me first.

Disclaimer:  Mine.  Mine.  Mine!  The daemon realms and characters that I write about are the sole creation of my imagination, so please don't steal/borrow/or take anything without permission.

Updates:  None are planed at this time.  I always intended this to be a one-shot, although since I love the boys so much I would never rule out a sequel.  Either way, this is a complete work and a stand-alone story.

Satus:  Complete/One-Shot

Length:  19,000+ words/Short Story

Summary:  Cameron Parish is used to being alone. But, just when he thinks that he's found the perfect lover he discovers there's a problem. Either his new lover is insane... or, he's a devil from Hell come to claim an angel on Earth.